Anarchism is a utopia, anarchism is delusion, anarchism is day-dream, and for all phrase that I often met during discussion into debate, both in social and media forum. Anarchism considered a utopia because patterns of thought considers that hierarchy and authority are the key regularity. I don’t blame you for your perception, it is always be our basic education that centralized authority is the key order but, if you look deeper and yet, maybe they block their minds from reality of anarchy as the living on earth. But for the most important is doing and fighting for anarchy we believe as struggle of belief. If we believe to be’s Berkman, Bakunin, Proudhon or even still to become else so we also a utopia.

If anarchism is an action and is real. We don’t have to think about what it is and how is anarchist act? If you ask about this directly to me, for sure, I will soon respond in a loud “it is a folly”. Anarchism is not a Mayor’s Office detonation or the police beat up as in May Day. I always emphasize myself, that we are anarchists should have any reason of actions, as every direct actions on behalf of anarchy and freedom, based on philosophy of thinking. The nature mind as an action is something connected to each other, but mostly today, we find that people’s thought is too much, none of actions. These people deserve so-called utopians.

Anarchism is a dream, a hope of freedom, yet anarchism for everyone is certainly different, an anarchist isn’t an illusion character, an anarchist is an independent thinker without being affected the shadow of the figure of idols. Let’s start the independence your mind and, begin to free your mind and realized it was the results of your own thoughts into life no matter how small it is.

“Build Your Own Dream”

Apepi Chitons